Bungo Stray Dogs


I am really into anime and one that I recently got into over this summer break is Bungo (or Bunguo) Stray Dogs. This show is about a detective agency, that looks into the supernatural. In this universe on certain people have supernatural powers and those people are rare and few between. The shows main focus is conflict that happens between a antagonist group called the Port Mafia and the odd protagonist group the Armed Detective Agency. Both groups rely on their supernaturally gifted agents to keep their own agendas in line. So far what I have seen and read (I am not very far in the manga yet) they play pretty similarly there is not any huge differences yet, but that could always change. Some people look at that change as a bad thing, but I think of it as telling the same story in two different ways. Kind of like perspective, and how perspective plays a huge role in our lives and how we live them. Any way I love this series, it has comedy, actions, a good story, it is dubbed (which helps so I can do things and watch it at the same time and enjoy the art work), and it has darkness through out, which I am a big fan of.

My favorite character in this series so far is Dazai. Dazai is a long time agent who finds Atsushi and invites him to join the agency after finding out a secret he didn’t even know about himself. Dazai is one of my favorite characters because he is funny, caring, and he has a dark side. Dazai does not do good for the sake of good, he does it for another reason that you find out during the series. Dazai also drives everyone a little bit crazy and is a bit eccentric. He is amazing and shocks me every once and a while with the darkness that he keeps at bay.

Something that gets a little annoying when I watch the series is that it can go back and forth in time. For example, usually at the beginning of a new season it will start with a back story then after about 5 or 6 episodes it will go back into that present day and continue on that story. Which is kind of cool because you get two stories that end up connecting, but can be annoying when you want nothing more than the storyline of the present to continue on. Besides that, I love the anime and the manga so far!

I would recommend this for anyone that likes dubbed animes, comedy shows with a hint of darkness, people who like team based animes, and people who want to more about this cool show. I really do enjoy the anime, the third season is coming out now and when the new episodes pop up each on my phone I get so excited to see what happened next.

Thanks for joining me,

Maddi S

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Main picture from https://www.tokkoro.com/5065889-osamu-dazai.html

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