Nightwing Year One (NIGHTWING #101-106)


I am a huge superhero nerd and one of my favorite characters since I was a kid has been Robin. More accurately Dick Grayson, the first Robin. For those of you that do not know, there are multiple different Robins, the main four that tend come up the most often are Dick Grayson (the first Robin), Jason Todd (second Robin and killed), Tim Drake (the third Robin and turns into the Red Robin/Drake) and lastly Damian Wayne (the current Robin and Batman’s son). Robin is a pretty diverse and awesome character, my favorite is the one is Dick Grayson, although I do like Jason Todd and Damian Wayne as well. Nightwing Year One, is a comic published in 2005 and written by Chuck Dixon and Scotty Beatty (inker Andy Owens and penciler Scott McDaniel). This comic is all about Dick Grayson’s separation from Batman and becoming his own hero and person. Which is why I love this comic, Nightwing is one of my favorite character, like ever. I love the idea of multiple Robins and that they can even move on after being a Robin.

This was the first time I got to read this version of Batman and the first Robin separating. I was so excited, and I loved the narrative and the art. The art reminded me of being a kid and what a cartoon of Nightwing might have been like. It was very nostalgic for me and I loved. I also loved how the audience got to see how Jason Todd and Dick Grayson met for the first time. As Dick and Jason have a brotherly relationship in the future for them. This narrative has all of the favorite Batman characters, Alfred, Batgirl, Joker, Two Face, and even Superman at one point. The introduction of Nightwing in the comic series, is awesome because it has him going off on his own to learn what he needs to become as a hero himself. It helps that unlike Batman, Grayson works through his problems by talking with others to find what he needs to do.

This comic is great for anyone who loves the Bat Family, Nightwing, or Robin. It also a great way to learn more about the Batman timeline and one that is more kid friendly than other Batman comics, which can be seen as a positive or negative depending. I loved reading the comic and I hope others enjoy it as well.

Thanks for joining me,

Maddi S

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PS I am going to try and be consistent in posting, but it is going to be difficult with finishing out my last semester of college. Thank you for sticking with me through this.

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