I know it has been a minute, life is chaotic. I am still in the fall/Halloween mood, to be fair it doesn’t really ever leave me since it is my favorite holiday. Since, I have still been in the spooky mood I am still enjoying the Halloween type movies. One of my favorite family friendly spooky movies is Paranorman. This is a film about 11 year old Norman, voiced by Cody Smit-McPhee, who can see ghosts and talks to them. He has to navigate his pre-teenage life trying to appease his parents while still being true to himself and this gift that he has. After his estranged uncle, Mr. Prenderghast voiced by John Goodman, comes to tell him about the witches curse. Mr. Prenderghast tasks Norman with his old quest of halting the curse from happening. Norman, his sister and their unlikely group have to find a way to understand each other and help Norman when the curse starts to take fold.

This is one of my favorite family friendly spooky films, as it still entertains me in my earlier adult life and seems like it could entertain almost anyone who gives it a chance. There is comedy, family, a jump scare or two and even a lesson about trying to understand each other before attacking. Yes, I have almost cried during this movie on more than one occasion. Plus, well to me at least, it is a stop motion film. Which are not as popular anymore, and it is produced by the clever stop motion company Laika. Who have also produced, Kubo and the Two Strings, Missing Link and the ever popular creepy movie Coraline.

Paranorman is really interesting to me as it is stop motion for one, but for another the film focuses on a child who has been almost abandoned by all of society. This theme interests me, as when children tend to be the odd ones other children reject them but adults try to help include them in everything. The only activity or anything that Norman is included on is a school play, which in theory maybe required by the school. As when Norman does not portray his lines as the theater teacher, voiced by Alex Borstein, wants she sighs and apologizes. The whole idea of having a student or child excluded and being okay with being left out and being the outcast is a strange concept to me.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who like Halloween movies, needs a family friendly spooky movie, or is ready for the roller coaster of emotions that can come with movie. It really is worth the watch even if just needing to half pay attention during the movie, it is on Netflix currently if anyone is interested and I have found it on YouTube multiple times to watch for free.

Thanks for joining me,

Maddi S

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