Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe


As some of you may know I enjoy graphic novels and have grown up with an interest in the superhero comic world. Something new I found out about this summer was an app called WebToon. I may be late to the party and am not super into everything that has been post on the app I really love two graphic series one is the reason I downloaded the app unOrdinary and the other is the one from the title Lore Olympus. Lore Olympus written and drawn by Rachel Smythe is based on the Greek mythology of Persephone and Hades. The narrative is surrounded by mainly Hades’ perceptions with some time spent in Persephone’s POV. I really enjoy this graphic novel as the art is amazing! I love the use of the color and bright pinks and spring colors associated with Persephone and the more dark blues with Hades. I enjoy how Hades tends to be more blue than black.

Now the narrative also brings in a host of the Greek mythology figures, like Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena and way more. I haven’t studied Greek mythology since I was in middle school so most of what I know is rusty, which is why I enjoy reading this. It brings back memories of studying all these narratives and even brings in a bigger interest in the Greek mythology world. I know that the story of Hades and Persephone is flawed and romanticized, as it is in the true narrative can be abusive. I know people have feelings about it much like I have negative feelings about the Harley Quinn and Joker relationship. Where it can be problematic to read, and as I still hold true that contrary to this post and my last one love stories are not my favorite to read as they can give people the wrong idea about love. I still enjoy the story because even though the main narrative is about love their is so much more.

One thing that I will warn people about if they do want to read this story is that there is some sexual abuse in the narrative that can be triggering. It is one of the more difficult topics that this narrative tries to tackle and can’t say if the post abuse emotions reads to a real experience or not as I have not been in that horrendous situation. I do believe that one of the messages that Smythe attempts to reveal, and does a good job about it, is to protect the victim and not the perpetrator. Which I whole heartily agree with, to stop victim blaming and see what we can all do to help or at least not traumatize them more.

I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who enjoys Greek mythology, likes to see semi-tragic love stories, women who stand up for themselves and others, and men who have to deal with their emotions rather than shove them down. I really enjoy this graphic and am even more stoked because it is free to read on WebToons. Yes, you can pay to read ahead or just wait each weekend to read the next chapter which I am okay with.


Maddi S

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